Sent/Receive Stats

Just to save room on the side bar, here is the long list of sent and received cards for every interval of 50.

1st card: Ukraine
50th card: Japan
100th card: Belarus
150th card: United Kingdom
200th card: Turkey
250th card: Germany
300th card: USA
350th card: Spain
400th card: Bulgaria
450th card: Hungary
500th card: Japan
550th card: Russia
600th card: Germany
650th card: Germany
700th card: USA
750th card: USA
800th card: Russia
850th card: Poland
900th card: China
950th card: Russia

1st card: Taiwan
50th card: Netherlands
100th card: Netherlands
150th card: Lithuania
200th card: Israel
250th card: Norway
300th card: Ukraine
350th card: China
400th card: Australia
450th card: Australia (officially)
500th card: Malaysia
550th card: USA
600th card: Netherlands
650th card: Germany
700th card: Finland
750th card: Belarus
800th card: Russia
850th card: Italy
900th card: Taiwan
950th card: Russia

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