Wednesday, 13 December 2017

St. Vincent's, NL

This was something I whipped up for Inktober and decided to mail off for a whale postmark somewhere. I discovered through Stamp Raider, there was a cancel in St. Vincent's, NL. You can read more about this picture on my post on instagram.

Received: 24.10.2017

What a beautiful cancel it is, I found out the postmaster had posted my card on her instagram as well. Should really get back to getting these linked lol

So so far away...

Claresholm, AB

I ordered a number of these cards when I found out Postcard Locker was closing. Hope they open up again, I liked ordering from there. Anyways, an obvious match to this cancel from Claresholm. I've driven through there a number of times, it's a nice little town.

Received: 24.10.2017

More shameless advertising; the cute weather stamp up top was from the papersisters. I just found out they have a night weather stamp now and some others I still my heart, your wallet can't take this XD Thinking about it, why would I need a night weather stamp? Because I'm always doing my writing when the sun is down (I'm a vampire...)


A very interesting ad card for bagels and coffee; I didn't realize there was a bagel in the background until I read the name of the store name. Bagels, what a fun word to say. Bagels, the healthy donut. Well no, not really lol

Received: 24.10.2017


From left to right: Fulmar, Puffin, Herring Gull
Guillemots and Arctic Tern
Kittiwake, Razorbill, Gannets, Shags

Birds! Wonderful birds! That's a lot of variety to be found on the coasts of the UK is looks like. I'm having a moment since I didn't think there were puffins outside of idea why I thought that. Now I know.

Received: 24.10.2017


Basket of Plums, Pierre Dupuis, 17th century

 Pierre certainly was good at painting still lifes; those plums look rather tasty.

Received: 24.10.2017

Mmm oldie stamps from France. The Liberation stamp on the right is one of the coolest, I would be surprised if the entire thing was printed on there!


Now that is a lot of little pictures, almost mosaic like isn't it? Then again it's pretty hard to define a whole country with just one image too.

Received: 24.10.2017



What a cute little porcupine. Why is it that the cutest animals are the ones you wouldn't dare get near? I was surprised how large they can get, it's hard to tell if this one is a juvenile or just small.

Received: 24.10.2017


Hamburger TV Tower

As cheesy as this is, I like it quite a bit XD Thinking back on it, what would you call a person from Hamburg in English anyways? A Hamburger makes the most sense... such delicious people XD lol Not surprisingly this is an ad card for a burger joint.

Received: 24.10.2017


Historical Dresden on the Elbe
Capital city of the Free State of Saxony. Former royal residence and capital city of the Kingdom of Saxony.

A very important city that was missing from my collection. It's too bad I never ended up visiting Dresden considering its proximity to Berlin. Another time :)

Received: 24.10.2017


Ostriches! Wonderful silly and somewhat aggressive ostriches! Gotta love these calendar postcards, wish that was a thing here.

Received: 24.10.2017

Since the text is hard to read, the top left says: Opel Manta A 1970-75

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Another RAS :)

Such a cute halloween card; can't really get tired of these house mouse cards :3 This was sent by someone from one of the FB groups I'm apart of.

Received: 23.10.2017


Quite an interesting card coming from Latvia today. I have only two thoughts when I look at this: fear or 'I need to pee' lol 

Received: 23.10.2017

The bonus stamps and stickers (from the sender's shop) were a surprise to say the least :D

Monday, 11 December 2017


Marius van Dokkum, Netherlands
True Love, 2000
Oil on panel, 52 x 43 cm

What a pleasant card, who wouldn't want to grow old and grey with the one they love? :)

Received: 23.10.2017

The writer explains this card is about the marches that are done every year for 4 days in Nijmegen. This card is specifically for the 101st one.


Pier with pelicans
Photo by Unsplash

What beautiful pelicans; this card really doesn't show their true size does it? I always thought pelicans weren't very big in pictures until I actually saw one in real life...they're huge 0_0

Received: 23.10.2017


I can never get tired of mail box cards. This Russian box looks like it's pretty hidden away.

Received: 20.10.2017

Some extra stamps

Some great selection, sorry my scanner cut off part of the bottom one.


An interesting card from Belarus, unfortunately the writer didn't mention what event these men had won; but either way congrats to them XD

Received: 19.10.2017


That's a rather interesting card, I'm kind of confused though. All the smoking creates the clouds? Am I seeing that right? Unfortunately the info for this inkognito card was covered up.

Received: 18.10.2017

So many extra stamps :D


It never ceases to impress me as to how misty the mornings are in the Netherlands. Both spooky and mysterious, it tends to dissipate rather fast though.

Received: 18.10.2017


A surprise card from one of the nice folks in one of my Postcrossing FB groups. This vintage card is all kinds of creepy to me, not sure if it was intentional or it's just me lol

Received: 18.10.2017

218th DS

If you were like me and joined the Letter Writers Alliance because of Postcrossing, welcome to the club :P The card came from a penpal I got through LWA. It's been going well so far :)

Received: 18.10.2017

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Minitonas, MB

Putting my tartan postcards to good use by sending them to the province they belong to. Glad to see that the cancel was still good for Minitonas!

Received: 17.10.2017