Thursday, 23 November 2017


Another card to add to my collection! Awesome :D

Received: 16.10.2017

Mmm extra stamps :D


Anton Reckziegel
Poster for Wengernalp-Bahn, 1895

What a cool looking vintage travel poster; I have to admit they have certainly grown on me.

Received: 16.10.2017

217th DS

Hundertwasserhaus - Vienna

This amazing card comes from one of my penpals in Austria. This apartment is by the archtect Hundertwasser and is an example of Expressionist Architecture. 

Received: 16.10.2017


Thursday, 16 November 2017

Surprise RAS :0

Created by 1955janusz

A mysterious RAS came in the mail for me, it was from a RR where you would nominate someone to send to. How nice that someone picked me :) Thank you!

Received: 13.10.2017

Yes another card to my collection :D

Bonus stamps :D

So many stamps :0

Great selection on the envelope too, very nice :)


Some beautiful views coming out of Germany. Honestly, summer is quite nice there.

Received: 13.10.2017


Today I learned that there is a 'Kiel Week' or a week celebrating Kielers (people who live in Kiel, of course lol.) I'm still trying to figure out if there's a word hidden in this image lol

Received: 13.10.2017


Such a cool anatomy card! It's not often you get the view of the skeleton from the back I find.

Received: 13.10.2017


Photo: Markku Wiik

Some beautiful views coming out of Finland. Now if only my scanner could capture gold tints better, I would be so happy

Received: 13.10.2017


What a cute kitty, it looks so comfortable too. Everything I want to be on a cold winter day.

Received: 13.10.2017

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Gimli, MB

One of the cards I picked up on my trip to the US. It was a surprise that a replica of the famous wooden church in Norway was here. It was very beautiful and naturally I had to get a card of it, with a semi-matching cancel :P

Received: 12.10.2017