Wednesday, 13 December 2017

St. Vincent's, NL

This was something I whipped up for Inktober and decided to mail off for a whale postmark somewhere. I discovered through Stamp Raider, there was a cancel in St. Vincent's, NL. You can read more about this picture on my post on instagram.

Received: 24.10.2017

What a beautiful cancel it is, I found out the postmaster had posted my card on her instagram as well. Should really get back to getting these linked lol

So so far away...

Claresholm, AB

I ordered a number of these cards when I found out Postcard Locker was closing. Hope they open up again, I liked ordering from there. Anyways, an obvious match to this cancel from Claresholm. I've driven through there a number of times, it's a nice little town.

Received: 24.10.2017

More shameless advertising; the cute weather stamp up top was from the papersisters. I just found out they have a night weather stamp now and some others I still my heart, your wallet can't take this XD Thinking about it, why would I need a night weather stamp? Because I'm always doing my writing when the sun is down (I'm a vampire...)


A very interesting ad card for bagels and coffee; I didn't realize there was a bagel in the background until I read the name of the store name. Bagels, what a fun word to say. Bagels, the healthy donut. Well no, not really lol

Received: 24.10.2017


From left to right: Fulmar, Puffin, Herring Gull
Guillemots and Arctic Tern
Kittiwake, Razorbill, Gannets, Shags

Birds! Wonderful birds! That's a lot of variety to be found on the coasts of the UK is looks like. I'm having a moment since I didn't think there were puffins outside of idea why I thought that. Now I know.

Received: 24.10.2017


Basket of Plums, Pierre Dupuis, 17th century

 Pierre certainly was good at painting still lifes; those plums look rather tasty.

Received: 24.10.2017

Mmm oldie stamps from France. The Liberation stamp on the right is one of the coolest, I would be surprised if the entire thing was printed on there!


Now that is a lot of little pictures, almost mosaic like isn't it? Then again it's pretty hard to define a whole country with just one image too.

Received: 24.10.2017



What a cute little porcupine. Why is it that the cutest animals are the ones you wouldn't dare get near? I was surprised how large they can get, it's hard to tell if this one is a juvenile or just small.

Received: 24.10.2017


Hamburger TV Tower

As cheesy as this is, I like it quite a bit XD Thinking back on it, what would you call a person from Hamburg in English anyways? A Hamburger makes the most sense... such delicious people XD lol Not surprisingly this is an ad card for a burger joint.

Received: 24.10.2017


Historical Dresden on the Elbe
Capital city of the Free State of Saxony. Former royal residence and capital city of the Kingdom of Saxony.

A very important city that was missing from my collection. It's too bad I never ended up visiting Dresden considering its proximity to Berlin. Another time :)

Received: 24.10.2017


Ostriches! Wonderful silly and somewhat aggressive ostriches! Gotta love these calendar postcards, wish that was a thing here.

Received: 24.10.2017

Since the text is hard to read, the top left says: Opel Manta A 1970-75